Jessica L:Homebirth Client

I came to Carol and Mayumi in my 4th pregnancy. My previous three pregnancies had been in either a hospital or birth center setting. The standard of prenatal and postnatal care in America is mediocre at best. After my first meeting with Carol and Mayumi, I quickly discovered they were a wealth of knowledge in all things surrounding women and pregnancy. I was immediately confident in my decision to choose them as my midwives. Not only did they offer physical care throughout the pregnancy and postpartum periods, they were also always available to support me mentally and emotionally. Most importantly, my care was my decision and those decisions were always met with respect. Looking back on my time spent with Mayumi and Carol I have learned so much about myself and what my body is capable of. I also gained two wonderful friends. I cannot recommend them enough!

Lauren K:Postpartum Client

Carol and Mayumi came for 24 hours after the birth of our 3rd baby. Their time spent with us was priceless. They confidently kept our home peaceful while caring for the baby, me and my husband making herbal tea, checking vitals, helping with nursing and answering all questions as their arose. They even made us food when needed and did the dishes! They reassured us that we were doing well and made us feel safe. Having them felt like having two mothers caring for us in those vulnerable new hours. No matter how many babies you have, it’s always a new experience and they eased the transition to 3 with such grace and love. I highly recommend their care to anyone who wants support after birth! Lauren and Jim

Llana C:Homebirth Client

Carol and Mayumi attended the birth of my daughter in December 2020. They were such a powerful energy and presence - professional and helpful, loving and attentive. This was my first homebirth, but third child, and the prenatal care was unmatched. Their children played with my children during my prenatal visits. They asked me how I was feeling, how my relationships were, what my goals and fears were. There was no rush. I feel like they really got to know me and my family in the weeks leading up to my birth. I began leaking fluid in the middle of the night a few days before my guess date and they were very responsive. When I let them know it was time and I needed them, they arrived within 15 minutes. Their energy was calm and reassuring, and not at all disruptive. They were hands off as we had discussed and held space for my family and I to do our own birth dance. When I welcomed my daughter earth side, they smiled knowingly at me. Afterwards, they observed my newborn, brought me bone broth, laughed with my older children, and stayed with me until I felt sorted. Everything was on our timeline - there was no rushing or pressure. I can’t recommend them enough. My birth was amazing, intimate, and healing. I will be forever grateful that they witnessed me. They truly support women coming into their power and believe wholeheartedly in undisrupted, physiological birth.

Lissette M:Homebirth Client

We were very late in our birthing journey (8 months) and due to the pandemic and other circumstances, we decided a home birth would be the right choice for our 3rd child. Carol and Mayumi stepped right in and became our birthing partners. They are loving, caring, smart and passionate about home births. Our concerns were promptly addressed with love and support. Which lead to us feeling very confident about our decision to have a home birth. They were always open and honest and truly prepared us for the unexpected. They were calm and cool during the labor process, which was quick. If I had any concerns during labor they’d calmly talk me through it. I just love being able to have then peaceful environment at home with their great energy by my side. During labor and after the birth, they also gave us space when we needed it. We highly recommend them!