Kindred Spirits Midwifery

Holistic Homebirth Care

Carol is a mother and traditional midwife. She began her career as a social worker and educator and transitioned to supporting women in birth after the birth of her first child.

During her first pregnancy, she knew deep within that she needed to birth outside the medical system. She found traditional midwives to support and guiding her birth and was able to birth autonomously outside the hospital. Since then, she has made guiding women through birth her work and journey.

Carol completed a 5 year, apprenticeship with a home birth midwife and has attended births in all settings. Although she is highly trained in birth emergency skills, what she has to offer is far outside the medical sphere. Carol believes normal birth is not an illness, ailment or emergency and, therefore, does not require medical care, treatment or hospitalization.

Carol provides care to families wishing to birth on their own terms, in their own home. She works with people who are looking for a normal, undisturbed, blissful and autonomous pregnancy and birth experience.

Mayumi is a mother and traditional midwife. She has had the honor and pleasure of serving families in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas for the 13 years. In 2010 she started attending births as labor support person and began studying midwifery with midwives in the area. She began her formal apprenticeship with midwife,Terri Simmons in 2016.

She has spent the last 23 years learning about holistic health, herbal medicine and energy work and brings this knowledge to the practice. She received her BA in Sociology from Barnard College/Columbia University. Her studies in sociology also inform her understanding of birth.

As a midwife she seeks to support families with a deep reverence for their personal preferences.
She loves nothing more than holding space for families as they navigate the expansive process that is birth and parenthood.

Is homebirth care with Kindred Spirits Midwifery covered by insurance?

We do not accept insurance and we are not in-network with any insurances, however, we can provide you with a receipt or superbill that will list the services you have received as well as corresponding cpt codes once you have paid your homebirth fee in full.

Do you support clients that wish to birth in water?

Absolutely! We are happy to support you if you wish to birth in water. At this time we do not have birth tubs to rent to clients so it would be your responsibility to purchase or rent one in addition to all accompanying parts and supplies. We hope to have one to rent to clients soon!

What if I need to transfer to the hospital?

While our hospital transfer rate is very low, transfers do happen sometimes for various reasons. If we are able to go with you to then hospital, we will transfer with you and act as your advocates while you are there. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue to be your midwives in the hospital setting but we will resume your care once you have left the hospital. If we are unable to to go into the hospital with you we can remain in close contact via the phone.

How is traditional midwifery care different?

Traditional midwifery care is based on a relationship of deep trust between the birthing person and their midwife. We see you, the client, as the expert on your body and your experience. We are here to support you and offer you guidance, when needed but we look to you, as the center of this incredible experience, to lead. We bring our skills and training, our equipment and supplies, our experienced hands and love. 

Where will I give birth in my home?

You literally can birth WHEREVER you want. This may sound odd but we truly are happy to support you wherever you feel most comfortable. So if that is the bathroom, great! The kitchen, wonderful! Your own bed, super!

Some clients wonder if their home is suitable for homebirth. From teeny tiny studio apartment to large single family home, we have seen it all. Birth is beautiful no matter where it takes place and whatever the space you are working with is, we can make it work!

Jessica L
Homebirth Client

I came to Carol and Mayumi in my 4th pregnancy. My previous three pregnancies had been in either a hospital or birth center setting. The standard of prenatal and postnatal care in America is mediocre at best. After my first meeting with Carol and Mayumi, I quickly discovered they were a wealth of knowledge in all things surrounding women and pregnancy. I was immediately confident in my decision to choose them as my midwives. Not only did they offer physical care throughout the pregnancy and postpartum periods, they were also always available to support me mentally and emotionally. Most importantly, my care was my decision and those decisions were always met with respect. Looking back on my time spent with Mayumi and Carol I have learned so much about myself and what my body is capable of. I also gained two wonderful friends. I cannot recommend them enough!

Lauren K
Postpartum Client

Carol and Mayumi came for 24 hours after the birth of our 3rd baby. Their time spent with us was priceless. They confidently kept our home peaceful while caring for the baby, me and my husband making herbal tea, checking vitals, helping with nursing and answering all questions as their arose. They even made us food when needed and did the dishes! They reassured us that we were doing well and made us feel safe. Having them felt like having two mothers caring for us in those vulnerable new hours. No matter how many babies you have, it’s always a new experience and they eased the transition to 3 with such grace and love. I highly recommend their care to anyone who wants support after birth! Lauren and Jim

Llana C
Homebirth Client

Carol and Mayumi attended the birth of my daughter in December 2020. They were such a powerful energy and presence - professional and helpful, loving and attentive. This was my first homebirth, but third child, and the prenatal care was unmatched. Their children played with my children during my prenatal visits. They asked me how I was feeling, how my relationships were, what my goals and fears were. There was no rush. I feel like they really got to know me and my family in the weeks leading up to my birth. I began leaking fluid in the middle of the night a few days before my guess date and they were very responsive. When I let them know it was time and I needed them, they arrived within 15 minutes. Their energy was calm and reassuring, and not at all disruptive. They were hands off as we had discussed and held space for my family and I to do our own birth dance. When I welcomed my daughter earth side, they smiled knowingly at me. Afterwards, they observed my newborn, brought me bone broth, laughed with my older children, and stayed with me until I felt sorted. Everything was on our timeline - there was no rushing or pressure. I can’t recommend them enough. My birth was amazing, intimate, and healing. I will be forever grateful that they witnessed me. They truly support women coming into their power and believe wholeheartedly in undisrupted, physiological birth.

Lissette M
Homebirth Client

We were very late in our birthing journey (8 months) and due to the pandemic and other circumstances, we decided a home birth would be the right choice for our 3rd child. Carol and Mayumi stepped right in and became our birthing partners. They are loving, caring, smart and passionate about home births. Our concerns were promptly addressed with love and support. Which lead to us feeling very confident about our decision to have a home birth. They were always open and honest and truly prepared us for the unexpected. They were calm and cool during the labor process, which was quick. If I had any concerns during labor they’d calmly talk me through it. I just love being able to have then peaceful environment at home with their great energy by my side. During labor and after the birth, they also gave us space when we needed it. We highly recommend them!

Kaja M
Homebirth Client

Mayumi and Carol were there for us as we prepared to bring our third baby earthside. We already had a special connection with Mayumi because she caught our second child, as we got to know Carol we knew they were a great match for us. This pregnancy brought an unexpected issue of a low lying placenta that refused to move significantly even as we approached the end of the pregnancy, we were devastated. Carol and Mayumi helped council, support and hold space for us as we wrestled with our plans and contingency plans for birth. Our risk factors changed at 37 weeks and the result was the difficult decision to switch to a hospital birth. Carol and Mayumi didn't blink. They visited twice daily to check on baby and mama for last four weeks to make sure we were healthy and safe. As a result we became more like family as we deepened our friendship. They helped us find a hospital that would be more receptive to our desires for a natural birth and helped us prepare to give birth in such an unfamiliar environment. When the day of the birth arrived, Mayumi joined us as we labored at home, rode with us to the hospital, and was an invaluable resource navigating the hospital birth complex. How many times did she push back on the hospital staff to remind them that we needed space? Before, during and after care was exactly what we needed: a professional, compassionate resource that understood our desires and vision for bringing a child into the world.

Abby S
Homebirth Client

I had just come off a less than happy experience at a birthing center and knew I couldn’t have my baby there. I was in my third trimester and in a scramble to find midwives for the home birth I dreamed of having. A local mom group mentioned kindred spirits midwifery. She described her birth with them “a dream” and after I met Carol and Mayumi I knew why she said that. Carol and Mayumi made myself and my family feel so welcomed. I was so happy to have found them. Even though I was in my third trimester I felt like we all clicked, there was peaceful and happy energy and Mayumi and Carol were very knowledgeable with anything I was unsure of or had questions about. I did not trust my body due to the way my last two births happened. Carol and Mayumi assured me my body would know exactly what to do when the time came and they were right. The whole experience was amazing and they took amazing care of me after my birth as well. If I have another baby it will be with Kindred Spirts.

Homebirth Client

With this being my fifth pregnancy having my first three at the hospital and my fourth at home I knew exactly what I wanted for myself and baby through this journey. I knew that I wanted to have a holistic non-medical experience with this birth. My previous midwife referred me to Mayumi and Carol. Upon our first meeting I knew that these ladies would be exactly the pair to help me bring baby earth side. They are both very kind, and confident in all that they do. Mayumi was such a wonderful resource to my family throughout this journey. She shared her knowledge and love of homeschooling and also introduced me to diet that would help me defeat my Anemia. Carol offered her expertise with different exercises and tips for homeschooling as well. They both trusted me as I trusted them on this journey. I have gained to sisters in spirit through this journey. They both were present at the birth of my son Majur this October. Mayumi used her energy healing techniques when I was in the height of my contractions to help me focus on breathing. And when I was ready to give up on my plan of birthing at home Carol brought me back to reality and gave me the confidence to push baby boy out. I am truly grateful for the experience I had.

Megan M
Homebirth Client

From the moment I met with Mayumi over Zoom during my third pregnancy, I knew immediately that home birth was right for me and Mayumi needed to be my care provider. Little did I know then just how fortunate I really was to welcome both Mayumi and Carol into our lives. As many others have experienced, a traumatizing first birth created so much distrust of the hospital setting and I knew I wanted a more peaceful experience for this birth. My prenatal care and labor experience with Carol and Mayumi was exactly what I needed. Their breadth of knowledge from hydration, to hemorrhoid care, to breastfeeding support - they always have the most incredible tips to help. When I reflect back on the birth of my third daughter, serenity is the best word that comes to mind. Carol and Mayumi allowed me to labor peacefully on my own and kept me calm in the moments of doubt with their quiet encouragements. It was my quickest, least painful and easiest recovery for all of my children. As anxiety crept in at 40 weeks, Mayumi and Carol came to check in with me at home and that visit instantly calmed my fears. My extremely type A personality likes to have control over everything…yet Carol would remind me frequently at my weekly visits that you have to trust yourself and surrender for your birth to happen - and I can tell you that last visit before my birth was exactly the surrender I needed to embrace. The very next day, my body went into labor on its own. In preparation, I decided for a water birth at home and the water was a wonderful relief for the intense back labors I experience. I am so grateful for their gifts and friendship and truly look forward to hopefully having another child to experience their power all over again. I have gained incredible friends in Mayumi and Carol in the journey. I cannot thank them both enough for their compassionate care and knowledge. Mayumi and Carol, you bless so many with your talents and gifts. Thank you!

  • Bryn Mawr, PA, USA