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Holistic Full Spectrum Homebirth Care


Carol is a mother, teacher, birthkeeper and traditional midwife. She began her career as a social worker and educator and transitioned to supporting women in birth after the birth of her first child.

During her first pregnancy, she knew deep within that she needed to birth outside the medical system. She found wise-women traditional midwives to support and guiding her birth and was able to birth autonomously outside the hospital. Since then, she has made guiding women through birth her work and journey.

Carol completed a 5 year, apprenticeship with a home birth midwife and has attended births in all settings. Although she is trained in NRP (Neonatal Resuscitation) as well as other emergency skills, what she has to offer is far outside the medical sphere. Carol believes normal birth is not an illness, ailment or emergency and, therefore, does not require medical care, treatment or hospitalization.

Carol provides care to families wishing to birth on their own terms, in their own home. She works with people who are looking for a normal, undisturbed, blissful and autonomous pregnancy and birth experience.

Mayumi is a mother, healer, traditional midwife and radical feminist. She has had the honor and pleasure of serving families in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas for the last decade. In 2010 she started attending births as doula and began studying midwifery with midwives in the area and then began her formal apprenticeship with midwife,Terri Simmons in 2017.

She has spent the last 20 years learning about holistic health, herbal medicine and energy work and brings this knowledge to the practice. She received her BA in Sociology from Barnard College/Columbia University and her studies in sociology also inform her understanding of birth. The societal context in which we birth is largely influential. For this reason, she sees birth as extremely personal and political act. 

Like Carol, she believes birth is a normal event and works best when undisturbed. As a midwife she seeks to support families with a deep reverence for their personal preferences.
She loves nothing more than holding space for families as they navigate the expansive process that is birth and parenthood.



Is homebirth care with Kindred Spirits Midwifery covered by insurance?

We do not accept insurance and we are not in-network with any insurances, however, we can provide you with a receipt or superbill that will list the services you have received as well as corresponding cpt codes once you have paid your homebirth fee in full.

Do you support clients that wish to birth in water?

Absolutely! We are happy to support you if you wish to birth in water. At this time we do not have birth tubs to rent to clients so it would be your responsibility to purchase or rent one in addition to all accompanying parts and supplies. We hope to have one to rent to clients soon!

What if I need to transfer to the hospital?

While our hospital transfer rate is very low, transfers do happen sometimes for various reasons. If we are able to go with you to then hospital, we will transfer with you and act as your advocates while you are there. Unfortunately, we are unable to continue to be your midwives in the hospital setting but we will resume your care once you have left the hospital. If we are unable to to go into the hospital with you we can remain in close contact via the phone.

How is traditional midwifery care different?

Traditional midwifery care is based on a relationship of deep trust between the birthing person and their midwife. We see you, the client, as the expert on your body and your experience. We are here to support you and offer you guidance, when needed but we look to you, as the center of this incredible experience, to lead. We bring our skills and training, our equipment and supplies, our experienced hands and love. 

Where will I give birth in my home?

You literally can birth WHEREVER you want. This may sound odd but we truly are happy to support you wherever you feel most comfortable. So if that is the bathroom, great! The kitchen, wonderful! Your own bed, super!

Some clients wonder if their home is suitable for homebirth. From teeny tiny studio apartment to large single family home, we have seen it all. Birth is beautiful no matter where it takes place and whatever the space you are working with is, we can make it work!

Do you support clients that want to freebirth?

Yes! We happily support clients that wish to freebirth. Please ask us about our freebirth package.


Jessica L:Homebirth Client

I came to Carol and Mayumi in my 4th pregnancy. My previous three pregnancies had been in either a hospital or birth center setting. The standard of prenatal and postnatal care in America is mediocre at best. After my first meeting with Carol and Mayumi, I quickly discovered they were a wealth of knowledge in all things surrounding women and pregnancy. I was immediately confident in my decision to choose them as my midwives. Not only did they offer physical care throughout the pregnancy and postpartum periods, they were also always available to support me mentally and emotionally. Most importantly, my care was my decision and those decisions were always met with respect. Looking back on my time spent with Mayumi and Carol I have learned so much about myself and what my body is capable of. I also gained two wonderful friends. I cannot recommend them enough!

Lauren K:Postpartum Client

Carol and Mayumi came for 24 hours after the birth of our 3rd baby. Their time spent with us was priceless. They confidently kept our home peaceful while caring for the baby, me and my husband making herbal tea, checking vitals, helping with nursing and answering all questions as their arose. They even made us food when needed and did the dishes! They reassured us that we were doing well and made us feel safe. Having them felt like having two mothers caring for us in those vulnerable new hours. No matter how many babies you have, it’s always a new experience and they eased the transition to 3 with such grace and love. I highly recommend their care to anyone who wants support after birth! Lauren and Jim


  • Ardmore, PA and Philadelphia, PA