Homebirth Package $7500

Our homebirth package includes your prenatal care, on-call access to us starting at 37 weeks gestation, our hands-on support at your birth from the time you call us (usually when you have begun active labor) to the immediate postpartum (about 2-4 hours post birth) and your postpartum care (6-8 weeks post birth)

We offer a combination of both virtual and in-person prenatal visits. In-person visits will take place at our office in Bryn Mawr

-A 1 to 2-hour initial prenatal visit to go over your health history, discuss all questions/concerns you may have, and create a schedule for your prenatal care moving forward.

-Monthly 1-hour prenatal visits/ bi-weekly starting at 28 weeks/weekly starting at 36 weeks

-Home visit at 36 weeks where we come to your home and prepare for your upcoming birth

-During your labor and birth we will monitor the health of both you and baby and provide as much (or as little) physical and emotional support as you need. We stay with you until about 2-4 hours after your baby is born to make sure you both are doing well.

-Postpartum care includes 4 in-home visits at 24-48 hours post-birth, day 3, Day 7 and 2-weeks. After this we will see you at 6 weeks postpartum at our office.