90-minute Distance or In-Person Energy Healing Session $225

Reiki and vibrational energy work are very gentle healing modalities where the practitioner works with the energetic flow of your body to correct and heal imbalances while reinforcing your energetic framework so that you can live life optimally. During our session we can address specific physical or emotional ailments or do an energetic tune-up of your whole being. At the start of each session we will discuss what is coming up for you and do some verbal processing so that we can pinpoint where the energy healing needs to go. We then move into the hands-on component of the session where you lay on top of a warm massage table (in-person sessions) or on your bed/floor (distance sessions) for approximately 30 minutes while I move my hands over different energy channels in your body. Some people are comfortable with hands directly on their body while others prefer not to be touched directly. Both are completely fine.

This service pairs well with our birth trauma debriefing session.